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HLH Activity Booking System

Welcome to High Life Highland's activity booking system.

High Life Highland is delighted to announce that a new booking system is to be launched soon. All users will require to have signed up for an account and the Guest Checkout option will no longer be available. We advise that you use the link below in preparation for the new system to create an account and you can start to use it immediately on the Card Holder bookings system access which gives you extra features over the Guest option:

Create a Pay As You Go account

We would ask all customers to remain vigilant to any COVID symptoms and if you are displaying any or generally feel unwell, ask that you seek further medical advice/guidance as identified within the current Government Guidance and follow FACTs. Please do not attend your local facility or any activities until you are feeling better, have completed the required self-isolation period or are in receipt of a negative COVID test.

To access the system and see the activities and courses we have on offer, you will need to login with your High Life card credentials by firstly clicking on the blue booking button below. This will allow you to book multiple people on multiple activities with a single debit / credit card payment.


Guest checkout does not require a highlife card, but only includes Outdoor, Rangers, Music and Active School activities.

High Life Membership

To access the activities in this booking system, you will need a High Life card for each and every person you wish to book on. These cards need to have been issued by one of our leisure centres (or activated at a leisure site if issued initially as a library card only). You will be charged one of three prices by the booking system based on your membership type: All Inclusive (Individual or Family Direct Debit), Budget or Pay As You Go. To login, you will need the Member ID number from the High Life card and your 4 digit PIN. If you do not know the PIN, please use the High Life Member PIN Recovery Tool or contact your local leisure centre for further assistance.

If you do not have a High Life card, you can register for one now.

High Life Member's Card